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Family Resource Network

Jenna Bottiglieri
Health Promotion Coordinator 

I started my involvement with the program as a volunteer at Get FIT @ Rowan, then Session Manager, then Program Coordinator. I now manage the program nationwide at the Family Resource Network. My favorite part of Get FIT is the fulfillment it brings to both the client and the trainer. It is really a beneficial experience for everyone!

Rowan University

Leslie Spencer, PhD, NBC-HWC   
Director of Get FIT @ Rowan

My favorite part of Get FIT @ Rowan is watching the clients interact with the student trainers.  The friendships they form are really life-changing to both the participants with disabilities and Rowan student trainers.  They all come away having grown and gained something wonderful.

Eva Loatman
Major: Public Health & Wellness
Graduating 2023

Get FIT truly shined some light on my everyday life. As a student trainer, I got to better understand someone I didn’t know and how they function the couple of times a week we met. It opened my eyes to something I would love to do in the future. I gained a better understanding of the struggles other individuals face with activities like walking or doing stretches. It made me extremely appreciative. It further encouraged my love for helping others. 

Get FIT @ Rowan Participant since 2015

I like the Get FIT Program because I exercise a lot and I like all the trainers. I like working out with all the trainers. Get FIT helps me to get healthy. Get FIT helps me stay healthy and fit.

Dara LoBuono, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor 
Rowan University

My favorite part about Get FIT @ Rowan is seeing clients and their family members enjoy the new healthy foods they try during our weekly Snack, Chat, and Chill sessions. 

Stockton University

Dr. Mary Kientz, OTD, MS, OTR
Associate Professor & Program Chair Occupational Therapy Program

Co-Director of Get FIT @ Stockton

My favorite part of Get FIT is getting to see the relationships and friendships that develop between the participants and Stockton students during the semester. Everyone enjoys their time together and has fun!

Alysia Mastrangelo, PT, PhD, MS, FACSM
Professor of Physical Therapy 

Co-Director of Get FIT @ Stockton

My favorite part of Get FIT is group participation. We work together with the clients, students and faculty with the common goal to improve wellbeing for all.

Dr. Joan Perks, PhD, APN-C, CNE, CEN, CRNI
Associate Professor of Nursing, Critical Care, Holistic Health

Co-Director of Get FIT @ Stockton

I think the best part of Get FIT is being part of a team that develops programs to serve people with IDD.

Fiona Quigley
Program: Masters of Science Occupational Therapy 

Graduating 2022

For the past five years, I have had the incredible opportunity to hold various roles within the Get FIT program. When I became involved with Get FIT as a sophomore in college at Rowan University, I never imagined that I would have the chance to continue to be a part of such a remarkable program as I continued my academic career at Stockton University for Occupational Therapy. Get FIT has easily made a lasting impact on my life as the connections I have made with the participants and students have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

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